The problem of the propbet…

I’ve been taking a look at my stats for the first half of 2013, and I’m happy to report it does NOT look like Jamie Gold‘s stats. So far so … Continue Reading →

Why my local game moved to plastic cards…

Okay, so the mid stakes game I play in locally has been playing with bicycle cards for ages. We go through a couple decks a night but as we always … Continue Reading →

Poker tournament mistakes often made by novices

Television helps a lot in popularizing poker tournaments. The cash prizes have sky rocketed that even good players who used to shun the poker arena is finding it hard to … Continue Reading →

Just Google “Jamie Gold”

Click here to check the video! Pure genius. Anyone who knows Jamie Gold or has played with him recently in the $2/$5 NL games in Las Vegas knows this is … Continue Reading →

This is why I grind live poker…

Don’t get me wrong I have a bunch of respect for online poker winners and people who pwn the web, but this is just ridiculous, and has very little to … Continue Reading →

Jean-Robert Ladies and Gentlemen…

This guy is such a joke. “We Pros”, “Cash monkey off my back”, “I feel exceptionally confident”, “I feel like this is MY event”, … Why oh why are people … Continue Reading →

Poker Strategy: Playing traps against aggressive opponents

You might have faced very aggressive opponents on the poker player and at one point or another have feared playing against them. You will see these players wanting to take … Continue Reading →